Acne Top 5 Causes And Natural Treatments For Acne

We have talked about Acne in previous blogs but here is a quick summary

Top 5 causes of Acne:

  1. Hormone imbalance
  2. Genetic predisposition
  3. Poor skin regime
  4. Digestive imbalance
  5. Stress

Top 5 natural treatments for Acne:

  1. Correct diet – assess current diet and decrease dairy and refined foods, also find out what foods are specifically not good for you and behind inflamed skin (hair testing for food intolerance or an elimination diet)
  2. Lower stress – practice regular meditation and/or parasympathetic (your rest/digest/heal part of the autonomic nervous system – the opposite of the flight/fight response) inducing breathing exercises, supplement with adaptogens like Rhodiola or Withania and Vitamin B’s and C to strengthen your nervous system
  3. Reset the digestive system – detoxify your system and repair your gut in doing so you reduce inflammation (please note that the body struggles to shift into parasympathetic mode if it is stressed/inflamed/toxic – so reducing inflammation and toxicity you enhance your bodies natural healing mechanisms) so that your skin has the best chance to heal
  4. Correct hormonal imbalance – find out exactly with hormones are disrupting your skin and use correct diet and supplementation to reduce your acne, everyone is different so it is best to talk to a professional about this.
  5. Correct skin care regime – you may be using improper treatments that could be increasing oil production or harming your delicate skin.

If you have any questions regarding which acne treatments are right for you, please contact one of our experienced Naturopaths who will be able to individually assess which treatments would best suit your needs.

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