“Just want to thank you for helping to give my son Jamie his confidence back. After the herbal formula you gave him he no longer has reflux, no longer uses prescription medication and goes to school happily every day, thanks a million Orange Health.”

Cherie and Jamie*

Is your child sick regularly?

At Orange Clinic of Natural Medicine, we specialize in supporting kids’ health treating the cause not just the symptoms and providing effective, kid-friendly treatments for:

Allergies and asthma

Eczema and other skin conditions

Colds and flu

Fussy eaters

Glue ear and ear infections

Growing pains

Low energy and moodiness

Study stress

Upset tummies

Allergy testing for food intolerances

Sleep problems and bet wetting

All kids are special

One simple fact is certain; kids have special health requirements.

Children are not simply smaller versions of adults; they are physiologically different in the way their bodies work compared to ours. Illnesses like glue ear or ear infection are common in children but less so in adults.

It makes sense that adult supplements are often not suitable for children, and that kids need specific remedies for their specific needs. By consulting a specialist naturopath for children we can address your child’s health concerns in a way that is tailored to their specific needs.

“Hi Orange Health, Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how we are getting on so far. In short the change is amazing! His skin is clear but thats not what I am talking about, his mood has been fantastic. We used to have tears almost hourly for just about any reason whatsoever but since Sunday we have only had tears for genuine reasons like falls and bumps. He is suddenly very playful and is full of beans, he is happy, smiley and just seems content for the first time in ages. I haven’t had him in much a of a big social situation yet so I’m not sure how that will go but we did have a play date the other day and the two other Mums said they’d never seen him look so happy and go so long without breaking down. I usually leave because he gets so upset. My husband, who only sees him for his last few hours before bed and sadly just gets subjected to two hours of tears and tantrums has had so much fun with him this week. They are playing and laughing till bed time and even he has had to admit the change is pretty stark. I don’t want to speak too soon Orange Health but so far its been a roaring success. He even plays on his own now and doesn’t seem to care if I leave the room, which might not sound like much but just to have him do that has made my life so much easier. All I wanted for G….. was to be as content as the other kids and he was always so fretful and just plain miserable. This week has been the first week I can honestly says its been a pleasure to be at home with him. The only downside is we seem to be getting a lot of tears when we put him to bed, but I actually think thats simply because he likes being up and playing now so bedtime is not welcomed. Oh and he loves his tonic and opens his mouth for it so no problems administering it.”


We treat the cause

not just the symptoms