New Zealand wide & international service. Zoom, phone in Clinic (Wellington)

Initial Consultation – What to Expect

60 MinutesYou choose – in Clinic, Zoom or Phone

First you will be sent a link to complete a health profile before your appointment, this allows your Naturopath to prepare for your hour together.  After talking, all information discussed is clearly written up including treatments/ testing options/herbs/supplements recommended into your personal treatment plan. Your plan will include:

A summary of your consultation

Treatment recommendations explained & prioritised with prices. In clinic you will be given a hardcopy of your treatment plan, zoom or phone you will be emailed during your consult so you can discuss the detail together with your Naturopath on the spot

Naturopathic & medical testing if required i.e., blood, hormone, food allergy, mineral etc

Explanations, advice, information handouts, lifestyle & dietary changes if required

You can order your treatments on the day, or you can take time, read over your treatment plan, email your questions and pick up or have your order couriered when you are ready

Read our Google Reviews!

Lea BinetLea Binet
01:38 05 Oct 21
After suffering migraines for 10 years a friend suggested I go to Orange health and get a hair allergies test, the results were surprising showing a severe intolerance to MSG! With Amandas great treatment plan I'm pretty much migraine free. Highly recommend ????
Renette VerryneRenette Verryne
07:43 22 Sep 21
Taking that first step to go and see Libby at Orange Health is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Libby has such a calm way about her that makes you feel immediately at ease. Going to see a Naturopath was so out of my comfort zone and I was very sceptical at first, even when starting with the recommended treatment, but I can honestly say that after 4 months, Libby has helped me more than any medical doctor ever did and I can't thank her enough.I can highly recommend Orange Health to anyone looking for an alternative to conventional medicine.
izzy davisizzy davis
06:08 15 Sep 21
Highly recommend Orange Health Clinic of Natural Medicine. I am so grateful to have found you guys and to have had the time with Libby to go through my symptoms and actually be heard. After seeing doctor after doctor with no answer or results, it became very frustrating. Libby helped me more in one hour than my general clinic did in almost a year.
Kate JonesKate Jones
20:23 03 Dec 20
I have struggled with my hormones, skin and feeling generally exhausted and bleurgh. I've seen Libby twice now and have come out smiling both times. She has a great personal approach, actively listens and recognises the uniqueness of each patient's situation. There is quite a cost to alternative medicine but the results have me going back rather than going to the doctors. Orange Health are very much cause-focussed rather than treatment-focussed which is much more satisfying.
Ana Maria BarbuAna Maria Barbu
06:52 29 May 20
It has been 9 years since my first visit at Orange Health and it was my best decision health wise. The team have offered great professional advice on food intolerances and diet, pregnancy and baby natural supplements and post pregnancy recovery. Highly recommended:)

Acute Consultation for New customers – Short & sweet

30 minutes
Pricing for Adult & Child: $95

Your Naturopathic will talk with you and quickly identify and advise the best way to treat your health condition effectively. You will be given nutritional and treatment advice on the spot. Herbal treatments are extremely effective in acute conditions, head colds, sinus, flu’s, coughs, kidney infections etc.

Having the right herbal treatments on hand means you can stop a cold or infection in its tracks!

Follow up Consultation

Pricing for Adult & Child:
$35-15 minutes (phone only), $65-30 minutes, $95-45 minutes

Your follow up includes evaluation of your progress and adjustments to your treatments and dosages if required, discussion about test results and how to implement these results into your lifestyle.  We encourage feedback from you via email between your appointments. There is no charge for this service, we will always get back to you the same day.  More feedback, better results!

We treat the cause

not just the symptoms