Many of our clients have come to us after having been failed by conventional medicine and treatments. They are often amazed at how quickly and effectively our treatments work. We are very grateful to all those clients who put pen to paper to tell their stories so that those who would read them may benefit from their experience.

Thank you for your trust in Natural Medicine. It has been our great privilege to have been chosen to assist you and may you continue enjoying a long, healthy, happy life filled with energy and positivity. Here is what some of our clients have to say:

“One of the key things I was aiming at when I came to see you was to reduce PMS. I didn’t expect it would go completely but what do ya know?! NO PMS!!!! Ive had maybe 2 tiny instances of being a bit teary but the 2 weeks of debilitating anxiety and depression gone!!!! I cant thank you enough. I feel like I’ve been given a whole new life. I was dreading menopause but if this continues I’m not concerned about it at all. My anxiety has all but gone, I feel good about myself, I feel strong within myself (that was no easy feat giving up coffee and alcohol!!) I cant thank you enough. Its worth every penny that I’m still paying. Cheers.”

Anna H *

“Thank you so much for the last appointment. I just wanted to say that you literally made my day by allowing me to choose my own options and slowly introducing me to what my recovery could look like. Finally, I didn’t leave an appointment with more steroid creams (yay!).”

NA *

“I now fully experiencing and enjoying the real change on a physical level- weight loss, high energy (I even did 3 different exercise sessions yesterday and still feel energetic!) my husband notices, i am definitely more regular. I struggled at time before my diet change with my bowel movement. On a mental level, as a result of improvement on my body, I totally feel much better, lighter and happier overall. What is more is that I now learned what type of food I cannot cope with.”

J Rayu *

“Hi Orange Health, I wanted to let you know that I have cut these things out of my diet almost completely, and am feeling SO much better! I even get compliments on how much better i look (since I’m not puffy and red eyed all the time!) and have referred many Hobbit crew having similar problems your way Just wanted to tell you I’m finally feeling better, and thanks! ”

Carrie *

“I just wanted to let you know on behalf of my sister who had debilitating migraines and had been hospitalised for the headaches and associated problems many times over the years, you helped her to change her diet and learn how to get rid of toxins in her body, she is now all clear of any problems at all. Thank you all at Orange Health very much, I wish we had known all this earlier.”

Jane and Sarah *

“I just wanted to flick you an e-mail to advise the new diet is working a treat. I haven’t had any headaches or migraines since starting it. I’m also not having that extreme tiredness and no foggy brain feeling. I feel a million dollars.”

Stephanie *

“Hi Orange Health, I just wanted to say thank you for your dedication. I had lost hope, the fertility specialist had ruled me out, but I’m glad I came to you. May God bless you.”

Bridget C *

“Hi, Orange Health, THANK YOU! With delight I received a phone call yesterday to say a courier package had arrived for Callum. Awesome service, I wasn’t expecting it to arrive until Monday, well it would have been Tuesday with the public holiday. Anyway I managed to get a couple of doses into him yesterday before bed and to my delight he slept from 8pm until 5.30am, then managed to re-settle him within 10 mins and he went back to sleep until 7am! Oh what sleep does for you, I feel great and I am sure he does too. Now I might be able to be on track to go back to work this week. Thanks again.”

Sue *

“I have been suffering from severe eczema for years, with it becoming progressively worse and getting to the point of infection. After numerous doctors’ visits and trying many a potion and lotion on the market, nothing properly healed or gave me long-term relief from the eczema. This all changed when I met Orange Health, she took into account the bigger picture and formulated a treatment plan that didn’t just seek to mask the problem and provide short-term relief, but got to the root of the cause, achieving long-term sustainable results. Orange Health offers straightforward, easy to implement natural remedies that really get results. She is always on hand to offer her support and knowledge. Thanks to Orange Health my eczema is kept at bay and no longer turns to infection, and my body is functioning 100% better!”

J Barry *

“After having my second child my energy levels and mood were never quite the same. Orange Health prescribed a course of minerals to replace any deficiencies I had during and after my pregnancy. Now I’m back to my old self and feel fantastic again!”

S James *

“As I approach my last bottle of gut repair and probiotics, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for restoring my health. It is hard to believe that before I came to your clinic that I was living with bloating, burping and abdominal discomfort on a regular basis. Just after 1 consultation with you and your advise to abstain from food that have caused my symptom that it just took away the symptom almost immediately. The subsequent treatment plan that followed after the hair analysis results came back just restored me back to health and I got to say it has achieved what I hoped it would achieve from my consultations at your clinic. Thanks once again.”

MC *

“Hello again Orange Health! I just wanted to tell you that I’ve finished my hCG drops, so today is my transition day. In the 21 days, I shed 6.6 kg. In my two rounds of dieting, the weight loss totaled 13.4 kg. My instinct is that I’ve reached the place where I should be. I’m now slap in the middle of the recommended BMI range for a woman of my height. It also fits well with my own discernments. Several years ago, I also muscle tested what my weight should be, and came up with 73 kg. As serendipity would have it, I’m 73.7 kg as of this morning. So that makes me feel happy. I’m so glad that you recommended the diet! Thank you very, very much indeed.”

Diana *

“Thank you so much for all your help this year! I have really enjoyed working with you and watching my body and health transform. I am a work in progress and the support and knowledge you bring to my process is of great value to me. I wish you a very merry holiday season and a year full of love, health, work and laughter! See you next year!”

Natalia *

“Hi Orange Health, The diet and the gut repair seem to be working. My eczema has cleared up probably about 85%, noticeable difference. Sinuses are a lot better but still not 100%, maybe at 90% but I think it wouldn’t take much to send them back into infection.”

Briar *

“Hadn’t had a full night’s sleep for 8 years. Within two weeks of being prescribed a herbal remedy by Orange Health, I was sleeping soundly every night! 10 drops 1 hour before bed and 10 drops in bed, it was that easy!”

Robby Gray *

“I would just like to say thank you so much for all that you have done for Karna! Karna has gone from being sick every second week not wanting to eat anything, enduring bouts of vomiting, diarrhea, fevers and ear aches to being a well and healthy boy that eats normally! To think he was just about to get grommets and now he doesn’t need them! I can not believe that with all the doctors and pediatrician visits in the first year of our boys life not one of those “experts” thought, “hey maybe he has food allergies”! It truly amazes me! Thank you so much for all your help and advice!”

Aroha nui Uddhava *

“Hey Orange Health! Thank you again for an amazing appointment today. I am looking forward to working together. Meeting a professional like yourself adds confidence to my move to Wellington. Take care.”

KB *

“Orange Health the silly season is fast approaching and I just want to finish the year by saying thank-you. My health had been a real mess for several years with undiagnosed health issues by the NZ Health system (Doctors, tests, scans, leaking heart valve etc). I was at a stage that I needed help but just couldn’t find the right person with the right solutions to assist me. I had a conversation with you and you gave me some options. Due to the stress I was under I didn’t think I would work again let alone hold down a relationship. Through emails promoting your services I accepted a simple hair test. It was these results that changed my life. Once I completed the treatment and associated diet, I had lost 10 kilo’s and feeling less stressed. I then completed a detox you supported and I can’t believe the results. Orange Health I am now back working which is giving me confidence to search for more work in my chosen career. I’m walking 3 km’s to work and home daily 5 days per week. I feel my weight is under control, and that I now have a balance in my life. If you wanted to use this in some way as a reference from a happy customer please feel free. I look forward to working with you again and recommending you to my acquaintances.”

Clare *

“Just want to thank you for helping to give my son Jamie his confidence back. After the herbal formula you gave him he no longer has reflux, no longer uses prescription medication and goes to school happily every day, thanks a million Orange Health.”

Cherie and Jamie *

“Thought I’d send you a quick update as to what I’m doing….So since seeing you I have been taking the following for 6 weeks Your herbal drops x3 a day Enterocare x2 a day Drink 1 soy coffee Have dropped all tea & diet coke & replaced with about 6 cups of green tea a day No white potatoes/MSG/nitrates No dairy except some butter in home baking Continuing to use colloidal silver cream on skin So far, I’m really pleased with how my skin is improving. The BIG result for me is I’ve not had any more staph outbreaks since starting this regime. All the existing staph infections are healing slowly but surely and there is certainly a huge visual improvement on my legs. I thought my eczema was going well with very few new outbreaks, but while staying at a hotel over the holidays it broke out massively on my face & back which was interesting (could have been washing powder on sheets/chemicals in spa). Back to the steroid cream to clear it up. So overall an almost 100% reduction in staph and some improvement in eczema. Certainly heading in the right direction.”

Rebecca R *

“The diet is working well, my skin is clearing and I feel good, in fact if I do eat anything with dairy in it I notice that I feel sluggish and bloated. My indigestion disappeared almost straight away, which is truly amazing.”

Gemma *

“Our daughter Emma (10 years) has had severe stomach aches, constipation and diarrhea. She had also been very irritable for 5 years. We had tried everything, doctors and specialists. We then found that several simple naturopath treatments formulated by Orange Health solved all the problems our daughter had, in just 3 months. We are so grateful to Orange Health!”

Jan, Steve and Emma De Sole *

“Everything is going really well on the program and I have steadfast remained off my allergy foods. I’m feeling heaps better in myself with a massive reduction in weight (13kgs lost to date) and no snoring. I no longer get reflux or bloated after a meal and the pain I used to get due to my diverticulitis, is now gone. I’m still learning about what I can eat and hope to keep enlarging my dietary variety as time goes on. In fact, I’m enjoying the new eating regime so much I feel that I might stick with it long term.”

Glenn *

“Orange Health has had me on a variety of potions for a few months now. My family thinks she is great! They say I am much nicer to live with and I feel so much calmer, back to my old self.”

S Raymond *

“Hi Orange Health, Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how we are getting on so far. In short the change is amazing! His skin is clear but thats not what I am talking about, his mood has been fantastic. We used to have tears almost hourly for just about any reason whatsoever but since Sunday we have only had tears for genuine reasons like falls and bumps. He is suddenly very playful and is full of beans, he is happy, smiley and just seems content for the first time in ages. I haven’t had him in much a of a big social situation yet so I’m not sure how that will go but we did have a play date the other day and the two other Mums said they’d never seen him look so happy and go so long without breaking down. I usually leave because he gets so upset. My husband, who only sees him for his last few hours before bed and sadly just gets subjected to two hours of tears and tantrums has had so much fun with him this week. They are playing and laughing till bed time and even he has had to admit the change is pretty stark. I don’t want to speak too soon Orange Health but so far its been a roaring success. He even plays on his own now and doesn’t seem to care if I leave the room, which might not sound like much but just to have him do that has made my life so much easier. All I wanted for G….. was to be as content as the other kids and he was always so fretful and just plain miserable. This week has been the first week I can honestly says its been a pleasure to be at home with him. The only downside is we seem to be getting a lot of tears when we put him to bed, but I actually think thats simply because he likes being up and playing now so bedtime is not welcomed. Oh and he loves his tonic and opens his mouth for it so no problems administering it.”

Charlotte *

“Have not touched allergy foods since my first appointment now, and am feeling fantastic! The change is unbelievable, I feel like a different person! I’ve also been really watching my food combining, and have an almost raw food and whole grain diet these days. My energy levels have gone through the roof! I wish that everyone would understand how important holistic living is for optimum health and wellbeing! A friend of mine is CONSTANTLY sick with numerous problems, but unfortunately she is all about going to the doctor and getting the latest bout of antibiotics etc etc! I’m sure she is sick of me nagging her to sort her lifestyle and see a naturopath, but I’ll keep trying! Many thanks for your help, I am so glad I came to see you, it really has made an immense difference!”

Chantelle *

“Jack has finished taking his parasite treatment. He has about 2 weeks worth left of this probiotics left. Jack is looking heaps better. His dark circles under his eyes don’t look so dark. His eczema has just about gone. He has stayed on a basic diet, thanks.”

Kerry *

“I’m just about to complete a week of the “detox” juice mix and can say they are amazing – so amazing that I’m signing up for another week. Not only are they delicious and fresh – each day is a surprise as to what today’s mix is. I’d be happy for you to share my reference with your customers. Detox is going well and Saturday (day 5) was a break through – first time (in a long time) that I woke without feel tired! It is certainly a different experience from the last time.”

Rebecca *

“I am real happy at the moment because for the first time in my life I don’t think I am on a weight yo-yo. With what I have been doing for the last few weeks my weight is staying within about a kilo either up or down even if I eat a load of junk now and then. I thought if I keep doing what I am doing and then every now and then throw a 10 day serious detox in I will drop the odd kilo or two and now know that I will be able to sustain it. I am still totally amazed how much I don’t care about red meat anymore, and am learning how limiting the menu can be when you eat out and are not into meat.”

Allan *

“I did the flush last Friday, I followed the instructions you gave me and took the herbs for 1 week, I drank the epsom salt at 6pm and 8pm, then the oil and lemon juice at 10pm (I could not find grape fruit) and I went to bed, next day at 6am I drank another Epsom and water mixture and after 20min I went to toilet, I got rid of over hundred stones, around the 70% were between 2 and 3mm, the rest between 5 and 10mm, few were little bit bigger. I didn’t feel sick at all during the whole process just I want to go to toilet, I went 5 times, the three first there were not stones, last two time just stones. I was quite impressed for the amount of stones, after the procedure, I felt really well, kind of clean and my eyes seemed brighter. I found that my digestion has been working better since the cleanse. I would like to follow the detox program you have now, I read the little book you gave me and sound interesting.”

Pedro Romero *

“Half way through the detox and feeling great!! My skin looks amazing and my energy levels have been really good. Still doing exercise everyday and sleeping very well. Just FYI.”

Natalia *

“Hi Orange Health, Physically I feel internally good. No discomfort or gurgling yet. Everything is moving smoothly as well – no problems there. The wonderful thing is that my period has come on time for once!!! which was a nice surprise – so something is starting to realign already. Skin feels better as well through just doing the pre-lim phase so I should be shining by the time I’ve finished the two weeks. Thanks will email at the end of the week.”

Ally *

“For years I’ve used nasal sprays, antihistamines, decongestants and other medications to ease my sinus pain. But the pain always came back. Orange Health had a sample of my hair tested to establish what was causing my allergic reaction. With some diet changes and a herbal formula, six weeks later I’m finally free of the pain that I’ve had for 10 years!”

J Randell *

“Hi Orange Health, Just checking in with you, I wanted to let you know my 10 day detox is over tomorrow and it went really well, I felt terrific from the first day, no pain apart from a niggle or two, but overall no pain at all. I’m delighted. I’m just wondering what to do next, I know the instructions say to reverse the preparation process over a few weeks. I’m wondering should I do the 25 day plan before that? Enjoying the whole process I have to say ???? Thanks Orange Health, Kind regards”

A Coogan *

“For the record all is going well regards the bowel side of things. It is so great to not feel sick on a regular basis and to only visit the bathroom once a day after all these years. I still occasionally get an upset but can normally pin point the cause (either emotional upset or foods with preservatives).So many thanks again for your help.”

Rae *

“I’ve had a touch of post natal depression… I know all the things I need to do to get myself out of it but I just can’t seem to get to executing any of it… am struggling to make decisions.. am doubting my ability to do anything & just generally in negative mind space…. dwelling on past & very up & down with moods so please could you send me a good mix or any advice that you think will help… will pay for consult & everything mate, I’ve got to try break this pattern… will do the online questionnaire for minerals as well please….. I’m still feeding my baby at night & obviously sleep & work are both draining me but its kind of gone past the point of just being about energy levels…. anyway theres my sob story… please help me!!!! 3 weeks of treatment … 28/3/12 Fantastic, I’ve felt nothing but calm, logical, rational, focused and happy over the last few weeks Thank you.”

NA *

“I also finally tried my first day without my acid reflux medicine. I wanted to wait until I was back on track using the enterocare twice a day for several weeks before I gave it a go. And it was amazing!! No pain or acid! I did have a glass of wine and a slightly spicy dish that night, so I took it that night and had a little bit of acid the next day. But it was amazing to see that I could go off of it without acid or pain for even a day! That’s the first time in a long time! ???? I’m looking now into when I can do the detox. I’ll let you know when I do! Thanks again! I’m SOOOO happy with the results!”

Andrea *

“Hey Orange Health hope your great, just to say thanks am taking the herbal formula and everything you prescribed. I must say i feel great and so alive my energy level is just awesome.”

Bridget *

“My 3 goals reviewed; 1. Fatigue – huge improvement, feeling normal again, 2. Overweight – Lost 7.6 kg from start and progressing Thank you for your help Orange Health, I feel this has been a life saving journey. 3. I feel like I’m living in a different world, one that is no longer defined by pain. There are no proper words to tell you how much that means. However, please know that I’ll always be very, very grateful!”

Diana *

“I’ve been very good with the allergy free diet. It’s only the weekends where I might slip here and there, but other than that I feel my health has been amazing. I completed the herbal detox, my skin has cleared a lot, and my period came on time (with the moon!) for the first time in months. I also just completed a meditation/yoga course with my partner, and my body is in really good shape now. I am no longer constipated, I sleep very easily (no more waking up at 3am etc) and I feel like I’m nearly 100%. I just need to keep up with the recommended diet from now on.”

NW *

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We are very grateful to all those patients who put pen to paper to tell their stories so that those who would read them will benefit from their experience.

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