“I have been suffering from severe eczema for years, with it becoming progressively worse and getting to the point of infection. After numerous doctors’ visits and trying many a potion and lotion on the market, nothing properly healed or gave me long-term relief from the eczema. This all changed when I met the Naturopath at Orange Health, she took into account the bigger picture and formulated a treatment plan that didn’t just seek to mask the problem and provide short-term relief, but got to the root of the cause, achieving long-term sustainable results. Orange Health offers straightforward, easy to implement natural remedies that really get results. They are always on hand to offer support and knowledge. Thanks to Orange Health my eczema is kept at bay and no longer turns to infection, and my body is functioning 100% better!”

J Barry*

What are you looking for?


Eczema is common and is treated effectively if the triggers and underlying cause is known. Steroids, antihistamines, and other prescription treatments will only be a temporary fix. It must be asked…

What is the cause?

Food? Stress? Hereditary? Dust mites? Having itchy, red skin can cause anxiety, depression, negative self-image and stress, these extra stresses all make the problem worse.

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How Orange Health can help

We will help you find the answer, once we know the cause, we then can advise what treatment is required. If you or your child are battling eczema let our qualified medical herbalists provide you with safe effective treatments to manage, to moisturize, soothe and decrease infection. We will help you get on with your life minus the discomfort and upset eczema causes. Choose to take control of your eczema today, book now and let us guide you back to better health – Naturally.

Eczema all cleared – the detox really works! Stay committed and be very patient – it is all worth it! 🙂

Shona L*

“Thought I’d send you a quick update as to what I’m doing….So since seeing you I have continued taking the suggested treatments, so far, I’m really pleased with how my skin is improving. The BIG result for me is I’ve not had any more staph outbreaks since starting this regime. All the existing staph infections are healing slowly but surely and there is certainly a huge visual improvement on my legs. I thought my eczema was going well with very few new outbreaks, but while staying at a hotel over the holidays it broke out massively on my face & back which was interesting (could have been washing powder on sheets/chemicals in spa). Back to the steroid cream to clear it up. So overall an almost 100% reduction in staph and some improvement in eczema. Certainly heading in the right direction.”

Rebecca R*

I came to Orange Health when I was covered in eczema all over my arms and legs. It was grim times. In a couple of appointments I had all the tools I needed. It wasn’t a quick fix, but we tackled the root cause of my eczema and through dietary changes supplements I was able to clear my skin completely. I’m so happy and can’t recommend Orange Health enough!

Stephanie S*

“Jack has finished taking his parasite treatment. He has about 2 weeks worth left of this probiotics left. Jack is looking heaps better. His dark circles under his eyes don’t look so dark. His eczema has just about gone. He has stayed on a basic diet, thanks.”



Having a contagious skin disorder like Molluscum commonly known as water warts can cause anxiety, depression, negative self- image, stress, these extra stresses exacerbate the problem.

How Orange Health can help

Learning how to safely treat not only the condition but the whole person is what we specialize in at Orange Health. We focus on immune strengthening, emotional support and guidance and specialized safe effective natural treatments to resolve the skin infections, this will reduce the length, impact, and severity of molluscum. Our Naturopaths will advise the most effective course of treatment methods to suit you or your child. Book a time to discuss how best to eliminate this condition.


Food? Stress? Hereditary? Immune disorder? Or a combination of them all? Having itchy, red skin can cause anxiety, depression, negative self-image and stress, these stresses all exacerbate the problem.

How Orange Health can help

We will help you find the answers. Let us help you resolve your psoriasis for good and find alternatives for immunosuppressants and steroids. Our qualified medical herbalists seek to find the cause of what is driving this immune condition and provides you with safe effective treatments to manage this condition. Choose to take control of your psoriasis today and let us guide you back to better health – Naturally.

“Thank you so much for the last appointment. I just wanted to say that you literally made my day by allowing me to choose my own options and slowly introducing me to what my recovery could look like. Finally, I didn’t leave an appointment with more steroid creams (yay!).”



You have acne. Have you been through the system already? contraceptives, antibiotics, roaccutane, accutane, oratane, often leading to unpleasant side effects with short term benefits. The one size fits all approach doesn’t work for long. Is it hormonal? food-related acne, stress acne? Let us help you find the cause.

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How Orange Health can help

First find the cause, we then put together a clear treatment plan to resolve your acne for good. Hormone testing is available if required. We cut a long story short for you. Make an appointment today to find out the cause of your acne and what we can do together to help you back to better health and clearer skin – Naturally.

I have struggled with my hormones, skin and feeling generally exhausted and bleurgh. I’ve seen Libby twice now and have come out smiling both times. She has a great personal approach, actively listens and recognises the uniqueness of each patient’s situation. There is quite a cost to alternative medicine but the results have me going back rather than going to the doctors. Orange Health are very much cause-focussed rather than treatment-focussed which is much more satisfying.

K Jones*

We treat the cause

not just the symptoms