Acne – What to do

Acne – What to do

Do you have acne? Is your teenager suffering from the associated self- esteem issues that acne causes? Is it hormonal acne, food-related acne, stress acne?  If we face facts – We all want to be break out and blemish free, but acne can be a tricky disease to treat when you don’t understand what is causing it. For everyone who suffers from acne, it is not only a cosmetic problem.  Emotional stress often has a strong impact on a person’s self-esteem which is why we work holistically on the underlying causes of the acne as well as the related conditions such as anxiety about the skin condition. Many women suffer premenstrual flare-ups prompted by the release of progesterone after ovulation.  Symptoms can range from mild to severe acne commonly on the face, neck, back, chest and groin.  Whiteheads and blackheads on the face, red pimples, and pustules, disfiguring cysts, deep, pitting scars.

Common Acne Treatments – But do the work?

The one size fits all approach doesn’t work for long – Treatments options include, Oral contraceptives for hormonal acne which can have many long-term side effects such as increased risk of some cancers, clotting disorders and other hormonal problems once the pill is stopped. Daily antibiotics, another common medical treatment can have huge ramifications on microbial balance and gut health. The last resort is roaccutane, accutane, oratane, a family of drugs that can damage your liver while treating the acne.  Common side effects are anxiety and depression and even short-term use can cause birth defects. Yikes!

 Are you suppressing the symptoms only to have the problem return?

We see a lot of people who have been through the medical system, skin specialists, dermatologist, numerous appointments, numerous treatments but little or no discussion about the underlying causes of acne, this is why when you stop your prescription medication the acne comes back.

Interestingly the position of the acne on your face clearly relates to what area of the body is under pressure therefore is a guide to what areas need support for example if your bowel is sluggish, congested, constipated then your system has nowhere to remove the toxins from the body effectively so the biggest elimination organ is then used ‘the skin!’.  This is a clear clue that your body is always trying to correct itself, acne is an indication of an internal problem needing attention.  We won’t always like these clues but either way the message your body is giving you is clear and shouldn’t be ignored or suppressed.  We can help you get a handle on the causes of your acne and a clear acne treatment plan to resolve it for good.

A bit about the mechanics of Acne

We see people of all ages with Acne, it is an inflammatory skin disorder characterised by pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Acne often shows up at puberty when the body increases the production of hormones. These hormones stimulate the production of keratin (a type of protein) and sebum (an oily skin lubricant). If sebum is secreted faster than it can move through the pores, a blemish arises. The excess oil makes the pores sticky, this is a great place for bacteria to be trapped and thrive. If scales below the surface of the skin become filled with sebum, whiteheads appear. In severe cases whiteheads build up, spread under the skin and rupture, which eventually spreads the inflammation. Although proper skin care is important in the treatment of acne, acne is not caused by uncleanliness.

How can we help you with a more holistic approach?

Effective treatment of acne always comes from understanding the cause first

Pimple prone skin and breakouts can be hard to manage and topical treatments provide marginal relief from a disease that is largely driven by an internal imbalance.  As mentioned orthodox treatments are limited and not ideal long-term strategies.

Our Naturopathic perspective considers all aspects “feeding” the disease – mental, emotional and physical – we all know Stress affects all body systems, and poor liver function can contribute to breakouts as our liver is our major detoxification organ responsible for flushing toxins out of the body. If your liver is sluggish, toxins and waste products are not effectively cleared from the body and need to escape somewhere- this is often through the skin. A healthy liver makes a huge difference to the health of your skin.

Acne on the chin and jawline is often hormonally driven. Acne on the cheeks is often due to a sluggish digestive system or colon toxicity. Patients often have a history of digestive issues and may suffer from constipation, gas or bloating. Acne on the chest and back is due to generalized toxicity. Often due to a poor diet. This may include a diet high in sugars, processed foods or junk foods. This type of acne can be addressed by undertaking a simple detoxification program to clean the body, the blood, and the lymphatic system. On that note, a high sugar diet can cause acne by increasing circulating insulin, this causes an imbalance to androgen hormone levels, which trigger an increase in sebum production under the skin. The best way of dealing with this kind of acne is to balance blood sugar levels and reduce circulating insulin. This is particularly prevalent in women with PCOS. A high dairy diet has also been linked to acne. A lot of foods are acidic and inflammatory and many of our patients have been able to control their breakouts by learning what their food intolerances are and reducing the levels of inflammatory foods.  We offer corrective medicine for certain deficiencies of specific nutrients that will help to improve skin health and healing and reduce sebum production.

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With so many possible underlying causes you can cut a long story short by seeking guidance on what is the best kind of treatment for you. Make an appointment today to find out the cause of your acne and find out what we can do to help you back to better health and clearer skin – Naturally.

Treat the cause of the condition and resolve your acne for good.  Complete our health profile that can be downloaded on the consultation page, call or email to book your consultation now.  Have a look at some testimonials on our happy customer’s page. We can help you get a handle on the causes of your acne and a clear treatment plan to resolve it for good.

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