Coughs, Colds, Virus & Flu

The dreaded lurgy season will swiftly be upon us.  At Orange Health we turn to the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, maybe a little old fashioned but the proof is in pudding, it works!

As the weather grows colder and we head indoors to seek solace from the elements, the bugs tend to follow.  Less fresh air and ventilation will promote the presence of these viruses and bugs so here are a few simple preventatives that can help you and your family from contracting or spreading bacteria and viruses (colds and flu).

1. Wash your hands and surfaces regularly – tea tree oil mixed with water in a spray bottle, cheap and easy and a very effective antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal i.e general bug killer.

2. Eat well – more bright, rich coloured fruit and vegetables as they contain more antioxidants, again more bug killing capacity.  Sleep well and stay hydrated

3. Keep up regular exercise to help strengthen your immunity

4. Take immune boosting herbs from an experienced Medical Herbalist (we have 2 @ Orange Health) regularly from March to August as well as immune boosting and supporting vitamins, we blend herbs for adults and kids in liquid or capsule form

5. This one can be tricky – but try to avoid confined spaces with recycled air, if this is not possible, then rug up and walk around the block at lunchtime

If you feel you may be coming down with something it’s best to keep your bugs to yourself, stay home and rest up

1. Keep up your fluids – water and herbal teas

2. Make a hearty broth soup – chicken soup is high in lysine – a natural viral inhibitor

3. Take some of our liquid cold & flu formula (it kills everything and reduces the aches, headaches and other flu symptoms that often accompany this virus.  Add lemon, fresh grated ginger and honey – this will “nip it in the bud” so you won’t need to take time off work or school

4. Load up on zinc and vitamin C – take 1000mg of Vitamin C every 2 hours for 3 days, call us we can send these out to you by courier and you can pay online

For more advise on our specialised treatments contact the Naturopaths at Orange Health, they will be able to help you with targeted cold, flu and virus treatments to suit and your family.  Call us now for an acute appointment to support and strengthen your immune system so you bounce back quickly. If you are sick we can arrange a phone or skype consultation. 04 801 7520

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