Most of us have experienced varying degrees of depression at some point in our lives,  depression symptoms are varied – for some it is a day to day struggle, general feelings of flatness and sadness, for others a low point in their life or an event will cause symptoms of depression. Regardless of the duration the mental, emotional and physical drain on our lives and the lives of those closest to us can be difficult to deal with.  Unfortunately depression is being considered normal so medication is freely administered this can be Ok short term but the underlying cause is not being addressed.  In many cases the deficiencies of nutrients that produce great brain chemistry, good mood and good sleep are missing.

The first thing you can do to start addressing your depression is to acknowledge it, write it out and talk it out with a support person – “a problem shared is a problem halved”, make sure your eating/drinking well and regularly, try and get 8 hours sleep every night and go to bed at the same time every night, practice regular meditation daily and avoid depressants like alcohol and stimulants like coffee.

Certain herbs and supplements can be incredibly supportive during tough times often depression and anxiety go hand in hand – Lemon balm, St John’s wort and supplements such as theanine, magnesium and B complex vitamins just to name a few – can be very helpful. But which ones are right for you? Is there a depression test? Yes, there is, we can offer testing which gives a great overview of all hormone activity if necessary.  More often than not questioning and symptoms will clarify a valuable starting point so this test may or may not be necessary but its great to know it exists.

Our Treatment Plan

At Orange Health we focus on finding and treating the cause of your condition, we use natural, gentle effective treatments to help facilitate change and help nourish the mind and body back to good health. Please call the Naturopaths at Orange Health to discuss the best methods of treatment for you.

Happy Clients

“One of the key things I was aiming at when I came to see you was to reduce PMS. I didn’t expect it would go completely but what do ya know?! NO PMS!!!! Ive had maybe 2 tiny instances of being a bit teary but the 2 weeks of debilitating anxiety and depression gone!!!! I cant thank you enough. I feel like I’ve been given a whole new life. I was dreading menopause but if this continues I’m not concerned about it at all. My anxiety has all but gone, I feel good about myself, I feel strong within myself (that was no easy feat giving up coffee and alcohol!!) I cant thank you enough. Its worth every penny that I’m still paying. Cheers.” Cheers Anna H *

“I’ve had a touch of postnatal depression… I know all the things I need to do to get myself out of it but I just can’t seem to get to executing any of it… am struggling to make decisions.. am doubting my ability to do anything & just generally in negative mind space…. dwelling on past & very up & down with moods so please could you send me a good mix or any advice that you think will help… will pay for consult & everything mate, I’ve got to try break this pattern… will do the online questionnaire for minerals as well please….. I’m still feeding my baby at night & obviously sleep & work are both draining me but its kind of gone past the point of just being about energy levels…. anyway theres my sob story… please help me!!!! 3 weeks of treatment … 28/3/12 Fantastic, I’ve felt nothing but calm, logical, rational, focused and happy over the last few weeks Thank you.”

We treat the cause

not just the symptoms