Energy, Sleep & Fatigue

Chronic fatigue

At Orange Health we focus on treating not only the condition but also the underlying causes, these can be many and varied so chronic fatigue often gets misdiagnosed.
We specialize in immune strengthening, emotional support, and specialized safe, effective natural treatments to resolve this condition, greatly reducing the length and impact chronic fatigue has on your life.  Our Naturopaths will advise the most effective course of treatment methods to suit you. Book a time to discuss how best to proceed.

Adrenal fatigue

Adrenal issues have a huge impact on all aspects of your life. We have a full range of testing available to gather the required information and support you through this process, which tests we order will depend on your specific symptoms and our best clinical judgment. What is at the root cause of your hormone imbalance.

We will help you find the answer, once we know the cause, then treatment options and treatment plan become clear. Get on with your life with renewed energy. Balancing your hormones makes for a happy and balanced life 🙂 Book now to meet with one of our Naturopaths to get started.


How Orange Health can help

Exhausted, can’t relax, your mind won’t turn off, wake up in the night and worry even if there is nothing to worry about, is this you?  This is exhausting hence the name adrenal exhaustion.

How can we help you? we can do blood tests, saliva tests, hair analysis, urine sampling if required. Together we can develop a plan for you so you to take back control over these often-debilitating symptoms, the results can life-changing as your body slows down – peace and calm becomes the norm. Book an appointment now so we develop a treatment plan to get you back on track.

Thanks soo much Orange Health! A year ago I was suffering from stress, fatigue, couldn’t sleep due to restless legs, had a few other things going on as well, like eating poorly and generally felt burnt out! I sat down with Amanda, we had a chat and worked out a plan for me moving forward to
nutritionally build up my system and work it so I don’t crash like that again! I can say I am now feeling great! I stopped smoking, and have way more energy for my busy lifestyle. Amanda is an amazing lady to deal with, professional, friendly, understanding and with a huge knowledge base for health and well-being. I live in Auckland and so to re-order any goodies from Orange Health in Wellington, is a simple and prompt process for me. Love that! Thanks guys!

Deb Mills*

I’ve been seeing Amanda at Orange Health for nearly 4 years now. She’s helped me recover from corporate burnout and all the many health complication that have come with it. Totally recommend Amanda and the team at Orange health – they treat you as a whole, the root cause not just a few of the symptoms. I’m feeling so much better.

L Roberts*


Low energy, sluggish, fatigued, brain fog, waking up tired are some of the most common complaints we see in our clinic, often caused by stress, poor food choices, hormones, medications, toxins, the list goes on, but they all play havoc with all your body systems and draining your energy.

How Orange Health can help

All it takes is some guidance and time to put stress reducing, energy boosting techniques into practice. Simply put – a solution can be found when a cause is be identified. We will work together to help you eat correctly, to fuel your body efficiently so your body and mind have a chance to recuperate. We will develop a treatment plan for you that is realistic and manageable. Come and talk to us now

“My 3 goals reviewed; 1. Fatigue – huge improvement, feeling normal again, 2. Overweight – Lost 7.6 kg from start and progressing. Thank you for your help Orange Health, I feel this has been a life saving journey. 3. I feel like I’m living in a different world, one that is no longer defined by pain. There are no proper words to tell you how much that means. Please know that I’ll always be very, very grateful!”


“The diet is working well, my skin is clearing and I feel good, in fact if I do eat anything with dairy in it I notice that I feel sluggish and bloated. My indigestion disappeared almost straight away, which is truly amazing.”



Our minds and bodies can recover quickly from the odd sleepless night but miss a few nights in a row on a regular basis and your other body systems take a hit along with your mental clarity and acuity.

What is the underlying cause?

Foods? Medications? Bladder disorders? Stress? Hormones? Noise?

How Orange Health can help

For answers, natural treatments, help and guidance regarding you or your child’s particular sleep issues book now with Orange Health to speak with one of our experienced Naturopaths – better sleep is only a phone click away


How can we help? We will review all aspects of your life to establish the causes. We will then prepare specific herbs and nutrients to calm your nervous system promoting better, deeper sleep. We use natural, effective, non-invasive treatments with no nasty side effects, only good ones. We want your body and mind to have a chance to recuperate. Book now we are ready to help you

“I just want to finish the year by saying thank-you. My health had been a real mess for several years with undiagnosed health issues by the NZ Health system (Doctors, tests, scans, leaking heart valve etc). I was at a stage that I needed help but just couldn’t find the right person with the right solutions to assist me. I had a conversation with you and you gave me some options. Due to the stress I was under I didn’t think I would work again let alone hold down a relationship. It was through a simple hair test that the results changed my life. Once I completed the treatment and associated diet, I had lost 10 kilo’s and feeling less stressed. I then completed a liver cleanse you supported and I can’t believe the results. Orange Health I am now back working which is giving me confidence to search for more work in my chosen career. I’m walking 3 km’s to work and home daily 5 days per week. I feel my weight is under control, and that I now have a balance in my life. If you want to use this in some way as a reference from a happy customer please feel free. I look forward to working with you again and recommending you to my acquaintances.”


We treat the cause

not just the symptoms