Molluscum contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum (more commonly known as water warts) is a benign viral skin infection that produces light pink, raised fluid filled bumps or lesions on the upper layers of your skin. Molluscum can show up anywhere on the body except on the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet — most commonly the infection presents on the face, abdomen, torso, arms, and legs of children and the inner thighs, genitals and abdomen of adults.

Molluscum contagioum is highly contagious, it spreads by direct contact with an infected person or object used by the infected person.  You may be infected by this viral skin infection molluscum up to 8 weeks before it becomes apparent. The bumps are usually painless and can disappear after several month or they can stay around for years.  The length of time this virus exists is very dependent on the ability of your immune system to deal with the virus.  Molluscum contagiosum can be itchy and irritating restricting you from certain activities during an outbreak. During an outbreak wash regularly, do not swim in public swimming pools, try not to itch or scratch the bumps as this can make them spread, children need to avoid contact sports. The psychosocial impact of having a contagious skin disorder can cause other issues such as anxiety, depression, negative self- image, stress and obsessive behaviour in some cases.  We often find the emotional stress this condition causes some people will compound the severity of the skin infection exacerbating the problem.

Learning how to safely treat not only the condition but the whole person is what we specialise in at Orange Health. We focus on immune strengthening, hygiene education, emotional support and guidance and specialized safe effective natural treatments to resolve the skin infections, this can greatly reduce the length, impact and severity of molluscum contagiosum.  Our Naturopaths will advise the most effective course of treatment methods to suit you or your child.  Call us now (04) 8017520 to book a time to discuss how best to eliminate this difficult skin infection.  Please complete the booking form below with times that will suit you to come into the clinic.

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