Food Nutrition & Diet Plans

Nutrition & Diet Planning

Nutrition is essential, it’s all very well to eat great but are you absorbing the nutrients? Maybe? If you have ever been iron deficient or B12 deficient, it is a clue things are not quite right, often you will take a course of iron from the Dr, your blood test improves but the original cause of the deficiency has not changed.  We can help you take a bit more of a proactive approach toward your health. As Hippocrates, the father of Medicine said 2000 years ago, let food by thy medicine. We will help you understand what the right fuel to nourish your body.

Most people come to see us because they have a health problem that they have either been through the medical system and not found a resolution and are interested in investigating further to look at the underlying causes of their health issue.  Some are on medication for a health issue and would like to get their health back in shape so they don’t need to continue the medication.  Traditional Naturopathic Medicine was called preventative medicine as they aim is to keep well so an intervention is not necessary.  This is still our focus ‘preventative medicine’ the problem is most of us wait until we have a problem that needs a resolution rather than working on our health to avoid any possible genetic or lifestyle-related health problems.

Nutrition means Nourish, Nourish means fuel, Fuel drives all aspects of how our body works both good and bad.  The question is what is the quality of the fuel?  Imagine your car with half fuel half water, the fuel is wrong but your car will probably still get you where you are going but it’s likely to be a rough ride!

Conventional medicine focuses on treating illness to prolong life.  But Integrative, Complimentary or Natural Health Care practitioners aim to shift that focus to prevent disease in the first place.  Let’s not only add years to our life but life to our years

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Some dietary suggestions to improve your health:

  • Have plenty of fresh water, fresh air, live fresh foods, exercise and keep your weight down
  • Throw out the stuff in the pantry. Packaged foods contain all sorts of insidious little things to ‘preserve their quality’
  • Throw out table salt and use natural sea salt or crystal salt
  • Throw out packaged salad dressings, use flax oil or extra virgin olive oil and cider vinegar ( email for recipes)
  • If it’s the colour of a highlighter or ingredients you can’t pronounce, you shouldn’t be eating it!
  • Gradually increase the number of raw foods and whole grains in your diet, sprouts, nuts, grains, seeds, and beans
  • Eat freshly picked greens if possible and other young green plants.
  • Choose fruits that are local and in season – if tree ripened they contain the greatest amount of vitamins and minerals
  • Choose produce grown in NZ or as close to home as possible.
  • Choose vegetables like green leafy vegetables, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, pumpkin, kumara (even better: try organic)
  • Brown basmati rice is the best
  • Don’t overeat. To avoid this eat small meals often and increase the amount of raw food you eat
  • Eat fresh fish 2-3 times a week if possible
  • If eating meat choose fresh unprocessed meat

Ask yourself “Is what I am about to eat nature made or man-made?”

We treat the cause

not just the symptoms