Cholesterol and how to reduce Lower Cholesterol Quickly

Good cholesterol is otherwise known as – HDL or High-density lipids

Bad cholesterol or LDL – Low-density lipids.  The job of the good cholesterol is to seek out the bad and remove it.  If your liver ‘the fat processing organ’’ isn’t doing its job properly, up goes your cholesterol.

Your liver produces up to 80% of cholesterol in the body – this suggests that cholesterol is vital.  High cholesterol simply means it is not be used or converted properly. If your cholesterol is high you will be put on lowering medication, great for the blood test but not so great for the rest of the body that needs this essential fat for so many functions.

There are lots of factors that contribute to your cholesterol levels rising, age, diet, liver function and stress are the most prominent, therefore the most important to address.  We can show you how to effectively lower, manage and maintain your cholesterol levels on an ongoing basis and avoid the need for medication.  That’s a big win for both your liver and your general health.

Cholesterol medication is the highest selling pharmaceutical in the world, it interferes with so many necessary body functions – Cholesterol is used to maintain the walls of every cell in your body, to digest fats, it is essential in the production of all hormones, It helps support the immune system and fight inflammation.  It has now been recognized and the discussion is changing about fats. Fats are good for you and don’t make you fat! Let us help you understand more about the pros and cons of cholesterol. Give us a call we can book you in with one of our Naturopaths to put together a clear focussed treatment plan for you.

Some dietary suggestions to improve your health –

  • Throw out the stuff in the pantry. Packaged foods contain all sorts of insidious little things to ‘preserve their quality’
  • Have plenty of fresh water, fresh air, live fresh foods, exercise and keep your weight down
  • Throw out table salt and use natural sea salt or crystal salt
  • Throw out packaged salad dressings, use flax oil or extra virgin olive oil and cider vinegar ( email for recipes)
  • If it’s the colour of a highlighter or ingredients you can’t pronounce, you shouldn’t be eating it!
  • Gradually increase the number of raw foods and whole grains in your diet, sprouts, nuts, grains, seeds, and beans
  • Eat freshly picked greens if possible and other young green plants
  • Choose fruits that are local and in season – if tree ripened they contain the greatest amount of vitamins and minerals
  • Choose produce grown in NZ or as close to home as possible
  • Choose vegetables like green leafy vegetables, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, pumpkin, kumara (even better: try organic)
  • Brown basmati rice is the best
  • Don’t overeat. To avoid this eat small meals often and increase the amount of raw food you eat
  • Eat fresh fish 2-3 times a week if possible
  • If eating meat choose fresh unprocessed meat

Ask yourself “Is what I am about to eat nature made or man-made?”

We treat the cause

not just the symptoms