Anxiety 5 Common Causes And Natural Treatments To Help Treat Anxiety

5 Common Causes & Natural Treatments For Anxiety:

We recently talked about Anxiety in previous blogs but here’s a quick recap on 5 common causes and natural remedies that can help sufferers of anxiety –

Top causes of Anxiety:

  • Stress from all sources
  • Chemical imbalance
  • Food Intolerances
  • Certain drugs and medications

Top natural treatments for Anxiety:

  • Try and find ways to reduce stress – meditate, exercise daily, yoga, tai chi, breathing exercises, write it out, talk to someone about how you are feeling, prioritise tasks and deal with situations as they arise.
  • Talk to a nutritionist or Naturopath regarding dietary correction to support mental health
  • Take a good look at what medications you are taking are do your research regarding the side effects of taking them vs the benefits of having them – question weather there is another way to treat your condition that doesn’t have the nasty side effects
  • Herbs like passionflower and lemon balm can help reduce anxiety
  • Supplements like theanine, tyrosine, 5 HTP, magnesium and B vitamins can be helpful – it is best to talk to your Naturopath about which might suit you best.

If you have any questions regarding which treatments are right for you, please contact one of our experienced Naturopaths who will be able to individually assess which treatments would best suit your needs.

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