Orange Health Herbal Liver Detoxication

Safe, effective and easily able to fit into a normal person's busy lifestyle. We are not allowed to list the many health benefits of the this detoxification program but the proof is in the pudding!! Call us to find out more...all questions welcomed.

Our Detox Kit includes:

Herbal liver detox capsules $195
4 x bottles of herbal capsules


Probiotics $50
contains essential bacteria to use after detox. If you have digestive issues, please request a larger bottle to take during and after detox $85 1tsp twice daily.


Spirulina $25
natural source of protein & minerals to keep energy levels up, must be used every day 2 tsp+ daily mixed in juice or smoothies


Flax oil $45 for 710mls
Good fats to burn for energy, use on salads, veges and in smoothies (usually need 2 bottles for 10 day detox) use right throughout your detox plan


Peppermint tea (Planet Organic) $10
use for any digestive discomfort 50 bags. Experiment with all sorts of herbal teas throughout your detox


Non denatured, non allergy, protein powder
specific for this detox program $55 add 1 desert spoon (2 times daily) to your fruit & yoghurt smoothies to sustain energy (really important)
Use throughout your detox plan from start to finish.

Please note:
If emailing your order please list what you require from the above thanks.

Herbal Liver Detox

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These products are recommended throughout your detox program. We have packaged them in the correct amounts to see you through.
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